Mandate & Mission



Anchorless Press is an artist-led small press publisher working with lens-based early-career artists to independently publish visual artists’ books and photobooks. Based in Norfolk County, Ontario, the press has worked with artists across North America, and maintains a workshop and research centre to encourage ongoing learning and sharing in the photobook community. Founded in 2010 in Toronto, the press has built a small network of artists invested in photobook publishing.

Creating a support community for artists embarking on their first published work of art is vital to a strong photobook community. Knowledge sharing and transparency of costs, fees, and creative rights are important, as is a collaborative book production process with the artist.

Anchorless Press acknowledges the importance of actively fundraising for a project. The press seeks creative ways to utilize commercial printing in the production of unique, limited edition artists’ publications.

Anchorless Press runs an online bookstore; participates in artists’ book communities as speaker, reviewer and workshop instructor; attends book fairs; and is active in online marketing and distribution. Through one-on-one work shares, progress meetings, and action plans, Anchorless Press helps artists move their books from concept to completed and collected artwork.

Anchorless Press is an artist-led, small press publisher currently working with artists interested in exploring publishing as an artistic form. Anchorless Press is committed to publishing books as standalone art objects, valuing the decisions made throughout the creative process. Through elements of design and layout, image sequencing, narrative, text, and poetic intentions of an artist, the complexities of the book format are integral to the photobook as a work of art. The press is motivated to publish innovative works by emerging artists, and as a female-led publisher, focuses on improving support for women artists creating photobooks as part of their artistic practice.

This independent press, based in Norfolk County, Ontario, is committed to creating collectable and affordable artist books. This is achieved through small print runs, an eye on aesthetic quality, active fundraising activities, and the inclusion of unique elements in the final edition.

Through a growing catalogue of visual books and photobooks, Anchorless Press is invested in the conceptual potential of combining word and image. A successful visual artist book allows for unique interpretations of the content, where the understood meaning of text and image intersect to support or contradict, and create a new poetic reading or understanding. The press works to better expand conversations about photobooks, and supports creating a community with greater access and inclusion.